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AnritsuDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • ANR-MS2024A
  • 2MHz-4GHz 2-Port VNA MasterUsed
  • ANR-MS2028B
  • 5kHz-20GHz 2-port VNA MasterUsed
  • ANR-MS2028C
  • 5kHz-20GHz 2-port VNA MasterUsed
  • ANR-MS4647B
  • 10MHz-70GHz VectorStar Vector network analyzer 2-portUsed
    Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KT-E5061B-235
  • 100kHz-3.0GHz Economy RF network analyzer S-parameter test set 50ohmUsed
  • KT-E5061B-3L5
  • 5Hz-3GHz LF-RF Network Analyzer with DC bias sourceUsed
  • KT-E5062A-250
  • 300kHz-3GHz ENA-L RF Network Analyzer with extended power rangeUsed
  • KT-E5063A-245
  • 100kHz to 4.5GHz Network AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-E5071C-440
  • 9kHz-4.5GHz 4-Port ENA RF Network AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-E8364B
  • 10MHz to 50GHz PNA Vector Network AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-N4430A
  • 30kHz-6GHz 4 port ECal ModuleUsed
  • KT-N4691B
  • 300kHz-26.5GHz 2 port ECal ModuleUsed
  • KT-N5222A-401
  • 10MHz-26.5GHz 4-Port PNA Microwave Network Analyzer dual source, with configurable test setUsed
  • KT-N5230A-145
  • 300kHz to 13.5GHz PNA-L Vector Network Analyzer, 4 port enhancedUsed
  • KT-N5231A-416
  • 300kHz-13.5GHz 4 port PNA-L network analyzer single source, with configurable test set and source attenuatorsUsed
  • KT-N5241ASH85-2
  • 10MHz-13.5GHz 2-Port High Power PNA-X Microwave Network AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-N5242A-200
  • 10MHz-26.5GHz 2-Port PNA-X Microwave Network AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-N5242A-400
  • 10MHz-26.5GHz 4-Port PNA-X Microwave Network AnalyzerUsed
  • KT-N5245A-200
  • 10MHz-50GHz 2-Port PNA-X Microwave Network Analyzer single sourceUsed
    Rohde & SchwarzDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • RS-ZV-Z5230
  • 10MHz-24GHz Calibration Unit, 4 Ports, 3.5mm (f)Used
  • RS-ZVA24-4
  • 10MHz-24GHz Vector Network Analyzer 4-portUsed
  • RS-ZVA40-4
  • 10MHz-40GHz 4-Port Vector Network Analyzer 2.92mm connectorUsed
  • RS-ZVA50-4
  • 10MHz-50GHz Vector Network Analyzer 4-portUsed
  • RS-ZVM
  • 10MHz-20GHz Vector Network AnalyzerUsed
  • RS-ZVR
  • 300kHz-4GHz Vector network analyzer with active SWR bridgesUsed
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