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Optical Spectrum Analyzers

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  • JDSU MTS8000-OSA-300 
    High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer 
  • List: $30,450 - Sale: $3,000
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EXFODescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • EXFO-FTB-5240B
  • High OSNR Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module OSAUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-5240S
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module OSAUsed
  • EXFO-FTB-5240S-P
  • Optical Spectrum Analyer Module with Polarization Controller OSA
    JDS UniphaseDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • JDSU-MTS6000A-OSA110-PKG
  • 1260-1640nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA-110M) with Dual port (MTS6000A) ChassisUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-OSA-300
  • OSA Single Port High Performance Module 1250nm-1650nmUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-OSA-500
  • OSA Single Port Ultra-High Performance Module 1250nm-1650nmUsed
  • JDSU-MTS8000-OSA-500R
  • OSA Single Port Ultra-High Performance Module 1250nm-1650nm true OSNR in ROADM
  • JDSU-MTS8000-OSA-500RS
  • High performance Optical spectrum analyzer
    YokogawaDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • YOK-AQ6370C-10
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer 600nm to 1700nm OSA

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