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Electro Rent keeps a generous inventory of Agilent and Tektronix Oscilloscopes as well as selected LeCroy Oscilloscopes with availability and terms to meet your needs. Our rental stock includes handheld as well as bench models from basic to the ultimate performance oscilloscopes available for rent today.

Performance scopes photo

Performance Scopes

We have the highest-performance scopes available today in our rental inventory so that whatever your testing need, we can provide the best solution.

Agilent Scopes 20GHz and Up »
Agilent Scopes 8GHz to <20GHz »
Agilent Scopes >3GHz and <8GHz »
LeCroy Scopes >3GHz and <8GHz »
Tektronix Scopes 20GHz and Up »
Tektronix Scopes 8GHz to <20GHz »
Tektronix Scopes >3GHz and <8GHz »
Bench scopes photo

Bench Scopes

Bench or mid-range oscilloscopes are used for a wide set of measurements. Electro Rent keeps a large inventory of Tektronix, Agilent and LeCroy scopes in stock to cover whatever frequency range you require.

Agilent Scopes 1 to 3GHz »
LeCroy Scopes 1 to 3GHz »
Tektronix Scopes 1 to 3GHz »
Basic scopes photo

Basic Scopes

Cost-effective basic scope rentals for your everyday needs.

Agilent Scopes <1GHz »
LeCroy Scopes <1GHz »
Tektronix Scopes <1GHz »
Sampling scopes photo

Sampling Scopes

Sampling scopes to 80GHz from Agilent and Tektronix.

Agilent Sampling Scopes »
Tektronix Sampling Scopes »
Oscilloscope probes photo

Oscilloscope Probes

Find the right probe for the measurement and model you need.

Agilent Oscilloscope Probes »
Hioki USA Oscilloscope Probes »
LeCroy Oscilloscope Probes »
Tektronix Oscilloscope Probes »