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Amplifiers > 1GHz

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  • Amplifier Research 20T4G18A 
    20Watt CW, 4.2GHz-18GHz TWT 
    Microwave Amplifier 
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RF Power Amplifier Options

Electro Rent has a variety of state-of-the-art large voltage amplifiers available. The lightweight devices we offer, including RF power amplifiers, are ideal for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. They feature industry leading performance with a large selection of in-stock radio frequency amps.

Our inventory of amplifiers feature a range of greater than one GHz and has microwave amplifiers and other options when you need a reliable broadband solution. These highly efficient amplifiers are ideal for systems that have components for radar, electronic warfare, communication, test and measurement, or any other application that requires high power in a small and rugged enclosure.

Amplifiers to Suit Your Project

Check out all of the microwave power amplifiers and other amplifier options we offer with a voltage greater than 1GHz. Our vast inventory of options is sure to have something to suit your needs and your budget. Each device is from an industry leader and can be rented, purchased, or leased depending on your needs.

Learn more about the RF power amplifiers and other amplifier options available from Electro Rent. Reach out to us today at 800-553-2255 for more information.

Amplifier ResearchDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • AR-1000T2G8B
  • 1000Watt, CW 2.5-7.5GHz TWT Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-100S1G4
  • 100Watt CW, 0.8GHz-4.2GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-100W1000B
  • 100Watt, 1MHz-1GHz Power Amplifier
  • AR-10S1G4
  • 10Watt CW, .8-4.2 GHz Amplifier
  • AR-10S1G4A
  • 10Watt CW, 0.8GHz-4.2GHz Amplifier
  • AR-10W1000C
  • 10Watt 500kHz-1GHz Amplifier
  • AR-10W1000M7
  • 10watt 100MHz-1GHz Amplifier
  • AR-150A220
  • 150Watt CW, 10kHz-220MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • AR-150W1000
  • 150Watt, 80MHz-1GHz Mid Power RF Amplifier
  • AR-175S1G4
  • 175 Watts CW 0.8-4.2GHZ Solid state microwave amplifier
  • AR-175S1G4A
  • 175Watt, CW 0.7-4.2GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-200T1G3A
  • 200Watt CW, 0.8GHz-2.8GHz TWT Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-200T4G8
  • 200Watt CW, 4GHz-8GHz TWT Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-20T4G18A
  • 20Watt CW, 4.2GHz-18GHz TWT Microwave AmplifierUsed
  • AR-250T8G18
  • 250Watt CW, 7.5GHz-18GHz TWT Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-250W1000A
  • 250Watt CW, 80MHz-1GHz Mid Power RF Amplifier
  • AR-250W1000B
  • 250Watt, CW 80MHz-1000MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • AR-25S1G4A
  • 25Watt CW, 0.8GHz-4.2GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-30W1000M7
  • 25MHz-1GHz 30W CW Amplifier
  • AR-40S4G18
  • 40Watt CW, 4.2-18.0GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-40S6G18A
  • 40Watt, CW 6-18GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-40T18G26A
  • 40 Watt CW, 18 - 26.5 GHz TWT Amplifier
  • AR-500A250C
  • 500Watt, CW 10kHz-225MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • AR-500W1000B
  • 500Watt, CW 80MHz-1000MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • AR-50S1G6
  • 50Watt, CW 0.7-6GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-50W1000B
  • 50Watt, CW 1-1000MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • AR-5S1G4
  • 6.5Watt CW, 0.8GHz-4.2GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-60S1G4A
  • 60Watt CW, 0.7-4.2GHz Microwave Amplifier
  • AR-75A250A
  • 75Watt, 10kHz-250MHz Low Power RF Amplifier
    Communications & Power IndustriesDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • CPI-VZSC2780P2
  • CPI 900W S/C-Band TWT System ( 1000W CLASS )
    GigatronicsDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • GIG-GT1050A
  • 2GHz-50GHz Microwave power amplifierUsed
    Instruments For IndustryDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • IFI-GT251-500A
  • 1-2.5GHz 500Watt High Power TWT Amplifier
  • IFI-SMC250
  • 80MHz-1GHz 250Watt Solid State Amplifier
  • IFI-SMX100
  • 10kHz-1GHz 100W Power Amplifier
  • IFI-SVC500
  • 100MHz-500MHz 500W Amplifier
  • IFI-T186-50
  • 6GHz-18GHz 50Watt TWT amplifier
  • IFI-T2618-40
  • 18-26.5GHz 40Watt TWT amplifier
  • IFI-T4026-40
  • 26.5-40GHz 40Watt TWT amplifier
  • IFI-T7525-1000
  • 1000Watt, 2.5GHz-7.5GHz Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier TWT
  • IFI-T7525-500
  • 2.5-7.5GHz 500W TWT amplifier
    Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KT-11793A
  • Microwave Converter
  • KT-11909A
  • 9kHz-1GHz Low Noise Amplifier
  • KT-83017A
  • 500MHz-26.5GHz Microwave System Amplifier
  • KT-83020A
  • 2GHz-26.5GHz RF Amplifier
  • KT-83050A
  • 2GHz-50GHz RF Amplifier
  • KT-83051A
  • 45MHz-50GHz Microwave System AmplifierUsed
  • KT-8449B
  • 1GHz-26.5GHz RF Preamplifier
  • KT-87405C
  • 100MHz-18GHz Pre-amplifier
    Ophir RFDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • OPH-5048F
  • 150kHz-230MHz, 75W Rated Power Amplifier
  • OPH-5067
  • 20MHz-1GHz, 300W Rated power Amplifier
  • OPH-5115E
  • 10kHz-225MHz, 2500W Amplifier
  • OPH-5127
  • 20MHz-1GHz, 200W Typical Power Amplifier
  • OPH-5135
  • 1-2GHz, 300W Typical Power Amplifier
  • OPH-5163
  • 800MHz-4.2GHz, 50W Typical Power Amplifier
  • OPH-5191
  • 2-6GHz 20 Watt Linear Power Amplifier

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