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Anritsu MG3692B
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Anritsu MG3692B

2GHz-20GHz Microwave CW Generator

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ANR-MG3692B/1B/2A/3/4/15A/Rack mount kit w o slides/Mech electronic step attn/Ultra-low phase noise>2Gh/10M-2GHz coverage, low PN/High power output
ANR-MG3692B/3/Ultra-low phase noise>2Gh
ANR-MG3692B/3/15A/Ultra-low phase noise>2Gh/High power output
ANR-MG3692B/3/4/SM5815/Ultra-low phase noise>2Gh/10M-2GHz coverage, low PN/100 MHz External Ref. Lop
Catalog Description

Anritsu MG3692B

2GHz to 20GHz Microwave CW Generator.

Ultra low phase noise CW synthesizer with step sweep, list sweep, and
alternate sweep modes and the ability to be locked to another synthesizer
in a master/slave operation (requires master/slave cable set).

SSB phase noise at 10kHz offset from carrier -77dBc to -86dBc depending
on carrier frequency, down to -120dBc with option 22;

Option 3 improves phase noise spec: -102dBc to -108dBc depending on
carrier frequency, down to -120dBc with option 22.

Maximum leveled power:
+19dBm from 2GHz to 10GHz, and
+17dBm from 10GHz to 20GHz

Option 15 increases maximum leveled power:
+23dBm 2GHz to 20GHz,

RF Connector = K(f) (2.92mm connector, will mate to SMA and 3.5mm connectors)

Option compatibility and requirements:
Option 5 is not compatible with options 4 or 15C
Option 7 is not compatible with options 18 or 20
Option 8 is not compatible with option 9
Option 10 requires either option 23, 25A, or 25B
Option 20 is not compatible with options 2E, 7, 15x, or 22
Option 22 requires either option 4, 5 or 2E
Optoin 28A is not compatible with options 12, 14, 26x, or 27

See also ANR-MG3692A or C

Anritsu defined bundles:

Option 28A is a bundle of:
12 Frequency and Phase Modulation, Externally Driven
14 Amplitude Modulation, Externally Driven
26A External Pulse Modulation
27 Internal LF and Pulse Generators
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
17.75 " 17 " 5.25 " 50 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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