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Anritsu MS2028C

5kHz-20GHz 2-port VNA Master

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ANR-MS2028C/2/5/15/19/77/Time domain/Power Monitor/Vector voltmeter/High accuracy power/Balanced/Diff S-parameter
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Catalog Description

Anritsu MS2028C

5 kHz to 20 GHz 2-port VNA Master

VNA Master Features:
Two-port vector network analysis to 20 GHz that supports both
coaxial and waveguide connector types;
Measures all four S-parameters with a single connection;
User-configured 4-quadrant display for viewing all 4 S-parameters;
True 2-port, 12-term error correction calibrations;
350usec per data point sweep speed;
Arbitrary data points up to 4001;
IF Bandwidth selections of 10 Hz to 100 kHz;
>85 dB transmission dynamic range to 20 GHz;
Handheld battery-operated microwave test solution;
High resolution daylight viewable TFT color display;
Built-in editable Cable and Signal Standard List;
Automate repetitive tasks via Ethernet connector to Laptop;
Supports waveguide measurements, and SOLT, SSLT and SST calibrations;
Greater than 2 hour battery life;
USB/Ethernet for data transfer;
Memory card slot for data storage and transfer;

Option Descriptions:
Vector Voltmeter option 15, ideal for cable phase matching;
Power monitor option 5, 1 MHz to 20 GHz;
High accuracy power meter option 19, 50 MHz to 18 GHz;
Time Domain option 2 for precise Time or Distance-to-Fault diagnostics;
Secure Data Operation option 7 for classified data;
Balanced/Differential option 77 for S-Parameters, 1-port;
Internal Bias Tee option 10;
GPS Receiver option 31 (requires ANR-2000-1528);

Type N female (or K female with opt 11, MS2028C only) VNA port (x2)
Type BNC female Bias Tee port (enabled with opt 10) (x2)
Type BNC female Trigger In port
Type BNC female External Reference In port
Type SMA female GPS port supports +3.3 V or +5 V ext antenna (available
with opt 31)
4-pin DIN connector for RF detector (available with opt 5)
USB Interface, Type A (2 connectors)
USB Interface, Type Mini-B
RJ48C connector for Ethernet 10/100-Base T
2.5 mm 3-wire cellular headset connector

May require additional support pieces such as Cal kits, cables and power

 ANR-15NNF50-1.0B and  ANR-15NNF50-1.5B are N type cables up to 18GHz


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