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ADSL2+ and copper test set Maxtester G.FAST ready EXFO-MAX635G-GVXAA

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 EXFO-MAX635G-GVXAA Copper and ADSL2+ test set (Annex A)

MaxTester 635 is a tool used by service providers deploying multiplay services
over single-pair or bonded ADSL2+. Its small form factor, rugged design and
easy-to-use menus make it the ideal tool for installation and repair
technicians. Testing process is highly automated and technicians close their
jobs quickly and efficiently. The large display of the MaxTester 635 makes it
even more user-friendly, and when it comes to saving results, it provides
technicians with many connectivity options for uploading tests and compiling
Key features include:
Single-pair and bonded ADSL2+including vectoring and G.INP, enabling service
providers to recover and grow wireline revenues

IPv4 and IPv6 data testing and web browser for complete
service qualification

Ethernet testing for qualification of FTTx services at the
customer premises

IPTV and VoIP test suites for automated quality of service
(QoS) testing

SmartR features allow users to quickly and accurately
determine physical copper circuit quality and locate faults

Adherence to existing methods and procedures is easy
with single-ended testing, or via testing to a far-end
device (FED), including high-voltage stressed-balance
testing; finish up by uploading closeout tests to the Cloud

Configurable pass/fail thresholds for automated testing

IEC IP54 rating

V2XAA features:
ADSL1/2/2+ CPE modem emulation
Supports Annex L and M
Supports ADSL2+ PTM mode
Supports PPPoE, PPPoA, Routed (LLC, VC-MUX)
Supports Ping, Trace Route, FTP testing, HTTP and Speedtest by Ookla
DMM (Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, Current, Ins. Resistance)
VF tests (Power Influence, Noise, Impulse Noise, Long. Balance)
POTS dialer with integral speaker
Supports G.INP
IP54 compliant per IEC 60529

V2XAA included test cables:
Test cables included in CALA, EMEA, APAC or China:
ACC-M4MM: Copper cable, Three-color (Black, Red, Green)
2 mm banana plugs terminated with 4 mm plugs/crocodile clips.

DSL software options:
ER Exfo Description
BOND BOND ADSL2+ and VDSL2+ bonding support
IPV6 IPV6 IPv6 support for LAN/WAN connectivity
MOS MOS MOS/R-factor for VoIP calls
V2MOD VDSL2MOD VDSL2 modem emulation
VOIP VOIP VoIP Emulation support (Ethernet and DSL
Copper software options:
ER Exfo Description
ADRP ADRP ADSL2+ data rate prediction
FED FED Teletech TS125 Far end device support
HIVOLT HIVOLT Enables 500V isolation resistance
NEXT NEXT Near-End crosstalk
RFL RFL Resistive fault location/K-test
RLOSS RLOSS Return loss to 2.2MHz
SBAL SBAL Stressed balance
SMARTR SMARTR Pair detective and faultmapper
TDR TDR Time domain reflectometry
WBAND WBAND Extended freq range from 20kHz to 30MHz

ER bundle:
P1 includes:
ER Exfo Description
RFL RFL Resistive fault location/K-test
TDR TDR Time domain reflectometry
V2MOD VDSL2MOD VDSL2 modem emulation

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