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HV Diagnostics HVA34

34kV AC VLF 34kV DC HiPot Tester

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HV Diagnostics HVA34

 HVD-HVA34 34KV AC VLF/34KV DC HiPot Tester

The  HVD-HVA34 is identical to the earlier HVD-HVA30 except for the increase in
the output voltage capability.
>>The  HVD-HVA34 can also be used with the  HVD-TD30.

4 in 1 Universal High Voltage Test System:
Output Modes AC Hipot (VLF) Symmetrical and load independent across full range
DC Hipot (plus or negative polarity)
Burn / Fault Condition or Fault Trip Mode
Jacket / Sheath Testing

Input Voltage 110-230 VAC 50/60 Hz (400 VA)

Output Volts Sinusoidal: 0-24kV RMS, 0-34 kV peak, Symmetrical / DC : 0-34 kV
/ Accuracy 1%
Rate Max Output:
Current Sinusoidal RMS 10mA
DC/Squarewave 14.5mA

Resistance Range 0.1 MOHm...5 GOhm
Output Frequency 0.01....0.1 Hz in steps of 0.01Hz (default 0.1Hz)

Output Load 0.5 uF @ 0.1 Hz @ 24 kV rms (~1,700m of cable) *2
1.0 uF @ 0.05 Hz @ 24 kV rms (~3,300m of cable) *2
2.5 uF @ 0.02 Hz @ 24 kV rms (~8,300m of cable) *2
12.0 uF maximum Capacitance *1

*1 At lower frequency and voltage
*2 Based on a typical cable: 300 pF/m

Metering Voltage and Current (True RMS and/or peak), Capacitance, Resistance,
Time, Flashover Voltage

RS232 Connection standard
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31 " 24 " 20 " 90 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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