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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 11713C

Attenuator Switch Driver

Part NumberIncluded Options
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KT-11713C/601/601/601/601/Viking to 16-pin DIP/Viking to 16-pin DIP/Viking to 16-pin DIP/Viking to 16-pin DIP
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 11713C

LXI-Compliant Attenuator/Switch Driver

Attenuator and Switching Capability
Controls a combination of 4 programmable attenuators and 4 SPDT switches
Or controls up to 20 SPDT switches
10-microsecond response time
2,000,000 switching cycles

Remote Control and Programming
LXI Class C compliant to control and trigger the 11713C
remotely via a full-featured graphical web interface
GPIB with USB and LAN options for easy remote integration
Standard SCPI programming language
Full backward compatibility with the Keysight 11713A

Drive Power Supply
5V, 15V and 24V tri-voltage supply
User-defined voltage supply
1.7 A maximum continuous current

Selectable cables:
 KT-11713C-001 Viking connector to 10-pin DIP
KT-11713C-101 Viking connector to Viking connector
KT-11713C-201 12-pin conductor cable, bare wire to Viking connector
KT-11713C-301 Viking connector to 4 ribbon cables
 KT-11713C-401 Dual Viking connector to 16-pin DIP
KT-11713C-501 Viking connector to 9-pin D-Sub
 KT-11713C-601 Viking connector to 16-pin DIP
KT-11713C-701 Viking connector to 14-pin DIP connector
KT-11713C-801 Viking connector to (4) 4-pin DIP connectors

For rack mount kit option 908 see part number  KT-34190A or KT-5063-9240

For rack mount kit option 909 see part number  KT-5061-9694 with  KT-5063-9212
or  KT-34194A with  KT-34191A. Both pieces are required one is the lock link and
the other is the rack parts.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
11 " 8 " 4 " 25 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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