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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 1171A

Low Mass Passive Probe

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 1171A

The Keysight 1171A is a low mass passive probe. As ICs and components continue
to shrink in size, probing has become increasingly difficult. Developed for
easy connection to fine-pitch ICs, surface mount components and dense circuit
boards, the Keysight 1171A low mass passive probe makes the job of probing and
connecting less frustrating. With an exceptionally small, light probe tip (<1
gram), these passive probes provide the same high-performance and reliability
you've come to expect from Keysight's high-performance passive probes. Add an
ultra-thin, flexible cable, and the Keysight 1171A probe is not only easy to
connect, it stay put on the test point.


Type: High Impedance, Passive Probe
Bandwidth: 500MHz (scope + probe).
Division Ratio: 10:1.
Input Resistance: 10M Ohms.
Input Capacitance: 10pFarads.
Scope Input Resistance: 1M Ohm.
Compensation Range: 12-14 pF.
Lead Length: 1.4meters.

Scope Compatability:

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