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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E8257D-521

10MHz-20GHz PSG Ultrahigh output power Analog Signal Generator

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KT-E8257D-521/1E1/UNY/Step attenuator/Enhanced Phase Noise
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KT-E8257D-521/1E1/Step attenuator
KT-E8257D-521/1E1/UNU/Step attenuator/Pulse modulation
KT-E8257D-521/1E1/UNU/UNY/Step attenuator/Pulse modulation/Enhanced Phase Noise
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) E8257D-521

10MHz-20GHz PSG Ultrahigh output power Analog Signal Generator

First microwave analog signal generator to deliver greater than +30 dBm of
typical output power. Traditionally, achieving calibrated power levels above
+25 dBm over a broad bandwidth up to 20 GHz in an automated system environment
requires complex and expensive external RF hardware. The PSG with Option 521
dramatically simplifies this high-power test environment, providing greater
than +24 dBm of specified output power in a single test instrument. The PSG
also protects the power sensitive devices in your system with a built-in power
level clamp that can be set from +15 to +33 dBm.


Output Power
>+30dBm (typical) and +24 to +28dBm (specified) from 250MHz to 20GHz
+18 dBm for 10 to 250 MHz
power clamp settable from +15 to +33 dBm to protect sensitive devices

Level Accuracy
500 MHz to 20 GHz: < 1.0 dB for -10 to > 20 dBm
10 to 500 MHz: < 1.2 dB for -10 to > 20 dBm with 5-dB step attenuator or
harmonic filters on

< 2 GHz, filters off: -25 dBc (@ +10 dBm)
< 2 GHz, filters on: -35 dBc (@ +10 dBm)
> 2 GHz: -35 dBc (@ +10 dBm)

Noise Floor
10 MHz to 20 GHz: -142 dBc/Hz (typ)

Not compatible with E8257D-1SM.

RF output impedance 50 ohms
Connector type: Precision APC-3.5 male, or Type-N with Option 1ED.

For rack mount 1CP
See also KT-5063-9222 or KT-1CP005A

For rack mount 1CM
See KT-5063-9215 or KT-1CM013A.

Electro Rent defined bundles:

Option MOD is a bundle of:
UNT AM, FM, phase modulation, and LF output
UNU Pulse modulation

Option NP is a Narrow pulse bundle that includes options:
UNT AM/FM/Phase Modulation
UNW Narrow Pulse Modulation
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26 " 21 " 12 " 33 lb  
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