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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M9381A-F03

PXIe Vector Signal Generator: 1MHz to 3GHz

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KT-M9381A-F03/12/B04/M01/LO Sharing for phase cohe/RF Modulation BW 40MHz/Memory, 32MSa
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) M9381A-F03

1 MHz to 3 GHz, PXIe Vector Signal Generator

* Cellular picocell and femtocell test
* Handset component test
* Military, public safety and homeland security radio test
* Wireless device test and transceiver design validation

* License key upgraded frequency range and amplitude accuracy
* Reduces startup time with Keysight IO libraries easy configuration,
one-step software install, and integrated instrument level VSG soft front
* PXIe

Performance characteristics
* Frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz
* 10 us switching speed with an exclusive baseband tuning technology
* RF modulation bandwidth up to 160 MHz (+/- 0.3 dB flatness)
* Better than +/- 0.4 dB absolute amplitude accuracy

Options =============================================================
300 PXIe Freq Ref 10,100 MHz
B04 Analysis B/W 40 MHz
B10 Analysis B/W 100 MHz
B16 Analysis B/W 160 MHz
M01 Memory, 128 Msa
M05 Memory, 512 Msa
M10 Memory, 1024 Msa
UNT Analog Modulation (AM, FM, PhaseMod, PulseMod, Multitone)
UNZ Fast Switching

Keysight PXIe Systems ===================================================

The  KT-M9381A-F03 is part of a complete system centered around the high
performance M9381A Vector Signal Generator PXIe module. The M9381A
should be installed in a PXI system rack as in the following configuration.

M9381A-F03 3 GHz, PXIe Vector Signal Generator

M9018A/P1 PXIe 18 Slot 3U Chassis
Y1212A PXI Slot Blockers Qty 3 (5 x 3)
Y1213A EMC Filler panel Kit Qty (5 x 4)
Y1215A Rack Mount Kit
Following items for use with external PC (PC not supplied)
M9021A PCIe Cable Interface: 1 slot
M9048A PCIe Desktop Adapter
Y1202A PCIe Cable: x8 2m

M9037A PXIe High Performance Embedded Controller
M16 16 GB Memory
WE6 Windows 7 - 64 Bit Version OS
Y1206A Keyboard, Mouse


Fixed License Part Numbers:
(All feature licenses require connectivity 9FP).
N7600B9 used for N7600B-9FP Connectivity
N7600BE used for N7600B-EFP Basic W-CDMA/HSPA R7
N7600BF used for N7600B-FFP Basic W-CDMA/HSPA+ R8
N7600BQ used for N7600B-QFP Adv W-CDMA/HSPA+ R8 UL, HSDPA R6 DL
N7600BW used for N7600B-WFP Adv W-CDMA/HSPA+ real-time R8 UL
N7601B3 used for N7601B-3FP Connectivity
N7601BE used for N7601B-EFP Basic cdma2000
N7601BF used for N7601B-FFP Basic 1xEV-DO
N7601BQ used for N7601B-QFP Adv cdma2000
N7601BR used for N7601B-RFP Adv 1xEV-DO
N7602B3 used for N7602B-3FP Connectivity
N7602BE used for N7602B-EFP Basic GSM/EDGE
N7602BF used for N7602B-FFP Basic EGPRS2
N7602BQ used for N7602B-QFP Adv GSM/EDGE/EGPRS2
N7606B3 used for N7606B-3FP Connectivity
N7606BQ used for N7606B-QFP Adv Bluetooth V 1.1
N7606BR used for N7606B-RFP Adv Bluetooth V 2.1+EDR
N7606BS used for N7606B-SFP Adv Bluetooth Ultra Low Power
N7609B3 used for N7609B-3FP Connectivity
N7609BQ used for N7609B-QFP Advanced GPS real-time
N7609BR used for N7609B-RFP Add scenario generator for Advanced GPS
N7609BS used for N7609B-SFP Advanced GLONASS real-time
N7609BT used for N7609B-TFP Add scenario generator for Advanced GLONASS
N7611B3 used for N7611B-3FP Connectivity
N7611BQ used for N7611B-QFP Adv FM stereo/RDS
N7611BR used for N7611B-RFP Adv DAB/DAB+/DMB
N7611BS used for N7611B-SFP ETI support for DAB/DMB
N7612B3 used for N7612B-3FP Connectivity
N7612BE used for N7612B-EFP Basic TD-SCDMA
N7612BQ used for N7612B-QFP Adv TD-SCDMA
N7615B3 used for N7615B-3FP Connectivity
N7615BE used for N7615B-EFP Basic 802.16 OFDMA
N7615BQ used for N7615B-QFP Adv 802.16 OFDMA
N7615BR used for N7615B-RFP Adv 802.16Rev2 OFDMA
N7617B3 used for N7617B-3FP Connectivity
N7617BE used for N7617B-EFP Basic 802.11a/b/g/j/p WLAN
N7617BF used for N7617B-FFP Basic 802.11n WLAN
N7617BG used for N7617B-GFP Basic 802.11ac WLAN
N7617BQ used for N7617B-QFP Adv 802.11a/b/g/j/p WLAN
N7617BR used for N7617B-RFP Adv 802.11n WLAN
N7617BS used for N7617B-SFP Update to 802.11n WLAN
N7617BT used for N7617B-TFP Adv 802.11ac WLAN
N7621B3 used for N7621B-3FP Connectivity
N7621BE used for N7621B-EFP Enhanced Multitone
N7621BF used for N7621B-FFP Noise Power Ratio (NPR)
N7623B3 used for N7623B-3FP Connectivity
N7623BE used for N7623B-EFP Adv DVB-T/H real time
N7623BM used for N7623B-MFP Adv ISDB-Tmm, ISDB-T enhancement
N7623BN used for N7623B-NFP Adv ATSC-M/H
N7623BP used for N7623B-PFP Adv BER tools
N7623BQ used for N7623B-QFP Adv DVB-T/H/C/J.83 Annex A/C
N7623BR used for N7623B-RFP Adv ISDB-T
N7623BS used for N7623B-SFP Adv DTMB
N7623BU used for N7623B-UFP Adv ATSC
N7623BV used for N7623B-VFP Adv DVB-S
N7623BW used for N7623B-WFP Adv DVB-S2
N7623BX used for N7623B-XFP Adv J.83 Annex B, DOCSIS DS
N7623BY used for N7623B-YFP Adv CMMB
N7623BZ used for N7623B-ZFP Adv DVB-T2
N7624B3 used for N7624B-3FP Connectivity
N7624BH used for N7624B-HFP Basic LTE FDD R9
N7624BJ used for N7624B-JFP Basic LTE-Adv FDD R10
N7624BS used for N7624B-SFP Adv LTE FDD R9
N7624BW used for N7624B-WFP Adv LTE FDD real-time R9 UL
N7625B3 used for N7625B-3FP Connectivity
N7625BE used for N7625B-EFP Basic LTE TDD R9
N7625BJ used for N7625B-JFP Basic LTE-Adv TDD R10
N7625BQ used for N7625B-QFP Adv LTE TDD R9
N7625BW used for N7625B-WFP Adv LTE TDD real-time R9 UL

ER defined bundles:

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
14 " 6 " 7 " 25 lb  
N/A Currently not available for sale used
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