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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9041B-5CX

3Hz-110GHz UXA Signal Analyzer

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KT-N9041B-5CX/B40/P50/40Mhz analysis bandwidth/Preamplifier, 50 GHz
KT-N9041B-5CX/H1G/P50/Analysis Bandwidth, 1 GHz/Preamplifier, 50 GHz
KT-N9041B-5CX/P50/Preamplifier, 50 GHz
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) N9041B-5CX

3 Hz to 110 GHz UXA Signal Analyzer

The UXA, the flagship of our X-Series signal analyzers, now delivers wider,
deeper views of millimeter-wave signals. With the UXA's leading-edge
measurement and analysis, you can gain a new level of insight into
millimeter-wave applications such as 5G, 802.11ad and automotive radar.

* Continuous frequency coverage from 3 Hz to 110 GHz
* Displayed average noise level as low as -150 dBm/Hz above 50 GHz
* Maximum analysis bandwidth of 5 GHz
- 1 GHz fully integrated instantaneous bandwidth
- 5 GHz external IF output to a Keysight oscilloscope

To eliminate compromises, the N9041B UXA provides two input connectors.
The dedicated 1.0 mm input connector is machined to exact tolerances to
ensure continuous sweeps and valid measurements up to 110 GHz. A robust and
economical 2.4 mm input connector covers measurements up to 50 GHz.

Analysis BW 25MHz standard
Optional 40 MHz, 1 GHz bandwidths.
Real-Time Bandwidths: 255 MHz
DANL @ 1 GHz: -171 dBm
Overall Amplitude Accuracy: +/- 0.16 dB
Third Order Intercept @1 GHz (1MHz offset): +22 dBm
Phase Noise (1GHz Center Frequency):
-136 dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset
-136 dBc/Hz at 30kHz offset
-146 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset

RF input connectors:
Two inputs are provided standard. Select one input to be active at a
Input 1: (Right) 3 Hz to 50 GHz Performance is similar to N9040B-550,
with ~1-2 dB additional loss (nominal).
2.4 mm male, 50 ohm nominal

Input 2: (Left) 3 Hz to 110 GHz (Opt 5CX) Performance up to 50 GHz is
similar to N9040B-550, with ~3-4 dB additional loss (nominal).
1.0 mm male, 50 ohm nominal

Attenuator, Input 2: 0, 6, 14, or 20 dB; for full frequency range
Input 2 attenuator default state is 20 dB (maxiumum) to protect analyzer
from excessive input levels.
Additional attenuation is available at inputs 1 and 2 under 50 GHz.

USB 2.0, GPIB, and LAN (100BaseT)
LXI class-C compliant B, Centronics parallel, and 10BaseT.

Rack Mounts:
2CM Rack Mount Flange Kit
2CP Rack Mount Flange and Handle Kit

See also N9040B UXA Series Signal Analyzer

Hardware Option Descriptions:
ALV Auxillary log video output
B40 40 MHz Analysis bandwidth.
BBA I/Q Baseband Inputs
CR3 Wideband IF output connector
CRP Programable rear IF output Connector
DP2 Digital Processor-2GB Capture Memory
EA3 3.6GHz Electronic attenuator
EDP Enhanced Display Package provides Spectrogram, Trace Zoom, Zone Span
EMC Basic EMC Capability
FP2 Fast power, up to 40 MHz bandwidth
FT1 Frequency trigger mask, basic detection license
FT2 Frequency trigger mask, optimum detection license
P50 50 GHZ Preamplifier
RT1 Real-Time analysis up to maximum bandwidth, basic detection
RT2 Real-Time analysis up to maximum bandwidth, optimum detection
RTR Real-time spectrum recorder and analyzer application example,
RTS Real-time data streaming
SF1 Security features, exclude launching programs
SF2 Security features, prohibit saving results
SSD Additional Solid State Drive
YAV Y-axis ouptut

Internal Operating System:
Windows 7 Embedded Operating System - Standard

Software descriptions and requirements:
(Available as transportable licenses)
89601B Software compatible
N9063C Analog demodulation measurement application
N9068C Phase Noise Measurement Application
N9069C Noise figure measurement application
N9073C W-CDMA/HSPA+ Measurement Application
N9080C LTE/LTE-Advanced FDD Measurement Application
N9082C LTE/LTE-Advanced TDD Measurement Application

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