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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) U2043XA

10MHz-18GHz USB Wide Dynamic Range Sensor

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) U2043XA

10 MHz to 18 GHz USB Wide Dynamic Range Sensor

Accurately measure any modulated signal with the Keysight Technologies,
Inc. U2040 X-Series wide dynamic range power sensors. The USB connectivity
models come with worlds widest dynamic range, covering -70 to +26 dBm.
This sensor offers very accurate and repeatable power measurements for any
modulated signal and comes with super-fast measurement speed of 50,000
readings/sec, which enables higher manufacturing throughput. Users can also
save time and reduce measurement uncertainty with the internal zero and
calibration function. The new bundled BenchVue software that comes with
built-in wireless and radar presets enable faster measurement setup.

* Wide dynamic range (-70 to +26 dBm) for small signal measurements
* Super-fast and real time measurement of 50,000 readings/sec
* Real-time measurement with zero dead time to ensure every single
continuous pulse is measured
* Average mode time-selectivity function allows full dynamic range for
average and time selectivity average power measurements
* Internal zero and automatic calibration saves time and reduces
measurement uncertainty

Sensor Cables:
Separate cables can be used in place of unit options.
KT-U2031A Sensor Cable, 5ft, 1.5m
 KT-U2031B Sensor Cable, 10ft, 3m
 KT-U2031C Sensor Cable, 16ft, 5m

Option Description:
100 Type N(m) Cable
201 Transit Case
202 Soft Carry Case
203 Holster
204 Soft Carry Pouch
301 Sensor Cable, 5ft (1.5m)
302 Sensor Cable, 10ft, 3m
303 Sensor Cable, 16ft, 5m

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6.4 " 2 " 2 " 8 lb  
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