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Megger (formerly Multi-Amp) CB845
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Megger (formerly Multi-Amp) CB845

500A Circuit Breaker Test Set for Primary Injection

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Megger (formerly Multi-Amp) CB845

The CB845 is a high current circuit breaker test set consisting of a solid
state control unit and a high current output unit. Applications include
testing of molded-case circuit breakers, thermal, magnetic, or solid state
motor overload relays and other overcurrent protective devices.

Input Voltage: (Switch selected) 208V and 240V 1 phase 30 Amps
Output Voltage: Continuously adjustable: 0 to 1200A at 6V maximum

OUTPUT CAPACITY: The output circuit is designed to provide short-duration
overloads. The above output range will provide several times the current
rating, provided the output voltage is sufficient to push the desired current
throught the impedance of the test circuit.

The test set is capable of teting the time delay characteristics of devices
rated up to 500A using a test current of 3 times their rating (1500A).

MGR Ordering PN is CB-845-60
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28 " 48 " 23 " 455 lb  
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