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Megger MTO210
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Megger MTO210

Transformer Ohmmeter, Winding Resistance Meter

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Megger MTO210

 MGR-MTO210 Transformer Ohmmeter

Direct 2-channel digital reading (1 O to 2000 O)
DC test current up to 10 A maximum
0.25% measurement accuracy
Integrated demagnetization feature
Tests operation of on-load tap-changers
Very fast auto safety discharge circuit

The MTO210 Transformer Ohmmeter is a line-operated, field-portable instrument
designed specifically to measure the dc resistance of all types of magnetic
windings safely and accurately. It can test transformers and rotating machine
windings and perform low-current resistance measurements on connections,
contacts and control circuits.

> Direct 2-channel digital reading allows for testing two windings at a time.
> Very fast discharge time.
> High-contrast, large alphanumeric displays can be seen in bright sunlight.
> User-selectable maximum current range ensures protection of small
> Beacon drive circuit is provided for use with optional beacon strobe light.
> Built-in demagnetization circuitry allows the operator to de-magnetize the
transformer core upon completion of resistance testing, or as a stand-alone
feature before SFRA testing or when the transformer is put back in service.
> The MTO210 allows for test of transformers with on-load tap-changers and
provides a break-before-make indicator, in the event of any discontinuity.

Input Power: 120/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 720 VA

Capable of measuring from 1uOhm to 2000 Ohm with an accuracy of +/-0.25% of
reading, +/-0.25% full scale

Four current ranges selectable from 10mA to 10A max output.

RS-232 port for printer or computer downloads
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