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Megger PMM-1

Power Multimeter

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MGR-PMM-1/835312/835314/Std potential leads 1m/20-Amp Current Leads 2m
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Catalog Description

Megger PMM-1

 MGR-PMM-1 Power Multimeter

Replaces the MUL-PAM275 series. Simultaneous measurement and display of all
3-phase system parameters. Can be used to measure ac voltage, ac primary and
secondary current, power(VA), reactive power (VAR), power factor, phase angle,
and frequency on either 1PH or 3PH systems.

In 1PH mode, the PMM can be configured to measure the amplitude and phase
between any 2 voltage and current inputs.

In 3PH mode, all measured quantites are displayed simultaneously on graphics

Ranges: 0 to 650V AC; 0.01% resolution of range. Accuracy: .05% of reading.
0 to 100A AC; direct input 0.01% resolution of range.
Accuracy: .05% of reading.
Power: 0 to 100KW
Phase Angle: 0 to 180 Degrees with .1 Degrees resolution.
Battery: Rechargeable with internal automatic recharger. 9 hours continuous
operation on a full charge.

Comes with standard potential leads for general use when measuring standard
voltage systems and 20 Amp State Current leads for The measurement of
secondary current from distribution test switches.

Clamp-on CT are required for current check of wired distribution panels and
current measurement of primary cable or busbar circuits.

MGR-830312 1000:1 clamp-on current transformer
MGR-835318 1000:5 clamp-on current transformer
MGR-835319 3000:1 clamp-on current transformer
MGR-835320 3000:5 clamp-on current transformer
MGR-50611 200:1 miniature clamp-on current transformer

The following CT's from the pool can also be used:
 AEMC-3035 1000/2000/3000:5 clamp-on current transformer
 AEMC-JM865A 1000/2000/3000:5 clamp-on current transformer
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9 " 13 " 9 " 25 lb  
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