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CT Analyzer Advanced Package

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 OMI-CT-ANALYZER-EU CT Analyzer Advanced Package

Professional Test Equipment for Current Transformers with special measurement
and assessment capability for
- CTs according the NEW IEC 61869-2 Standard
- CTs according IEC- 60044-1 and IEEE C57.13
- protection CTs according IEC- 60044-6
- metering CTs up to class 0,1
- knee point voltage from 1 V to 30 kV
- PC Tool Set
- Quick Test license
Consisting of
- CT Analyzer incl. bag and user manual
- full range of cable, clamps, connectors and adapters

The CT Analyzer automatically determines all relevant current transformer
values and compares the results with the selected standard. The device
evaluates the current transformer as per the IEC or IEEE standard within
seconds with the push of a button.

It facilitates fast and economical on-site testing and calibration of metering
and protection current transformers. Manufacturers of current transformers,
high voltage transformers and switchgear also use the CT Analyzer for tests
during development and production.

Key Features:
* Highest measurement accuracy: 0.02 % / 1 min when calibrating on site
* Very small and lightweight (< 8kg), easy to transport for on-site testing
* Automatic evaluation according to IEC and IEEE standards
* Short commissioning times (duration of the automatic test < 1min)
* Excellent workplace safety - Tests run at max. 120 V
* Integration into testing routines using Remote Interface Control

The following values can be determined using the CT Analyzer:
>Accuracy of the ratio and phase angle, taking into consideration the
burden and connected burden
>CT excitation and saturation
>Burden impedance
>Winding resistance
>Saturated and non-saturated inductance
>CT polarity

Current Ratio Accuracy:
Ratio 1 - 2000 0.02 % (typical) / 0.05 % (guaranteed)
Ratio 2000 - 5000 0.03 % (typical) / 0.1 % (guaranteed)
Ratio 5000 - 10000 0.05 % (typical) / 0.2 % (guaranteed)

Phase Displacement:
Resolution 0.1 min
Accuracy 1 min (typical) / 3 min (guaranteed)

Winding Resistance:
Resolution 1 mOhm
Accuracy 0.05 % (typical) / 0.1 % + 1 mOhm (guaranteed)

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