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Dielectric Response Analysis and Moisture Test Set

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 OMI-DIRANA Dielectric Response Analysis and Moisture Test Set

The  OMI-DIRANA determines the dielectric properties as a function of
It measures the dissipation factor and capacitance of insulation systems like
rotating machines.
It is used to determine the moisture content in oil-paper insulation for the
following applications:
1-Power transformers
2-Paper-mass insulated cables
4-Instrument Transformers (CTs/PTs)

Water can cause dangerous effects for oil-paper insulation, it decreases the
dielectric withstand strength, accelerates aging of the paper insulation and
causes the emission of gas bubbles at high temperatures. Thus knowledge about
the moisture concentration is of utmost importance for the equipment operator.

The  OMI-DIRANA analyzes the dielectric response for determination of the
moisture content in the paper of oil-paper insulation. For this purpose, the
software uses a scientifically proven database to compare the measure values.
This is done completely automatically, only the oil temperature needs to be

Technical Data
Measurement voltage 200 Vpeak
Max. continuous output current 50 mApeak

Dissipation Factor, Capacitance
Dissipation factor range, resolution: 0...10, 10-6

Accuracy for:
1 mHz > f >100 Hz 1 % + 3 x 10-4
f < 1 mHz and f > 100 Hz

Capacitance: 10 pF to 100 ?F
Accuracy: 0.5 % + 1 pF

Time Domain Current Measurement (PDC)
Range, resolution 20 mA, 0.1 pA
Input resistance 10 KOhm
Accuracy 0.5 % 1 pA

PC Requirements
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
CPU / RAM Pentium 1 GHz / 512 MB
Interface / Drives USB 2.0 / CD-ROM drive

Software Tests
GST (Grounded Specimen Test): Measurement with grounded test object
GSTg Grounded Specimen Test, Guard incl.): Measurement with grounded test
object and guard
UST (Ungrounded Specimen Test): Measurement with ungrounded test object

The  OMI-DIRANA comes in a rugged case which contains all necessary accessories
like connection cables with clamps, drums etc.

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Includes all accys (sku# VEHZ0607) and transport case (sku# VEHP0072)
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