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PdMA P5552M
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PdMA P5552M

MCEmax 5 kV Electric Motor Analyzer

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PDMA-P5552M/CPFLEX/CPLARG/3-Flex 300/3000A Probes/3-10/100/1000A Probes
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PdMA P5552M

 PDMA-P5552M MCEmax 5 kV Electric Motor Analyzer

The MCEMAX that ER carries can be used for either dynamic or static testing.

The MCE Motor Circuit Evaluation test equipment offers the most versatile
approach to troubleshooting and trending de-energized electric motors on the
market today.

MCEMAX integrates testing, diagnostics, inventory control, scheduling, and
containment. The comprehensive tester monitors all potential fault zones and
allows for immediate notification of alarming conditions. The unique static
dynamic operation enables MCEMAX to be utilized on all applications and motors
regardless of size, type, or condition. This tester combines the accuracy of
motor circuit analysis with the convenience of motor power analysis. The
is a complete motor/asset management tool for present motor management needs.

The MCEMAX evaluates:
" Incoming Power Quality and alerts the user if the distortion or harmonic
content exceeds IEEE limits.
" Cables and Power Circuit the severity of a high resistance connection.
" Ground Insulation for deterioration
" Stator turn insulation for shorts/opens.
" Rotor cage for breaks and shorted iron.
" Air Gap for non-symmetry or eccentricity.

Portable and battery powered
Monitors Power Circuit, Insulation, Stator, Rotor, and Air Gap
Variable test voltage from 250 to 5000 V
Automatic IR, PI, DAR, and Step Voltage Tests
Measures insulation resistance to 3 T Ohm
Precision resistance from 10 uOhm to 2000 Ohm using 4-wire bridge test
Measures capacitance (pF) and inductance (mH)
Six channel simultaneous acquisition
Torque and efficiency analysis
Impedance and phase angle measurement
Power and current signature tests

Data Includes:
" Phase-to-Phase Resistance
" Phase-to-Phase Inductance
" Balance of Resistance
" Balance of Inductance
" Ground Capacitance
" Polarization Index
" Dielectric Absorption Ratio
" Measured Ground Resistance
" Corrected Ground Resistance
" Rotor Influence check
" DC Field Inductance
" DC Field Resistance
" DC Field Capacitance
" DC Field Ground Resistance
" DC Armature Tests
" Synchronous Motor Tests
" Wound Rotor Motor Tests
" Current Spectral Analysis
" High Frequency Eccentricity Analysis
" Three Phase In-Rush/Start-Up
" Phase-to-Phase and Line-to-Neutral Voltage
" Voltage Imbalance
" Crest Factor
" Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
" % Full Load Amps
" Phase Current RMS
" Phase Impedance
" Impedance Imbalance
" Power (KW, KVA, KVAR)
" Power Factor
" Efficiency
" Energy Cost Analysis
" Output Power
" Torque
Now with the release of the M-Series MCEMAX tester PdMA adds more features.
Some of the features of the M-Series MCEMAX tester are: Six channel inrush for
improved trouble shooting and analysis, a 400 % increase in battery capacity
for extended testing, heads up LED lighting for improved safety while testing,
board level calibration, capable of connecting directly to 1000v systems,
modular circuit board design, MTAP chip identification recognition, and much
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