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10 Amp Precision Micro Ohm Meter

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 RAT-MICRO-JUNIOR.2 10 Amp Precision Micro Ohm Meter

TEST CURRENT: User Selectable: 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 A DC
PANEL DISPLAY: LCD Graphic with backlight
FRONT PANEL: Sealed, Anodized with a multi-actuation rotary knob
INTERFACE: 9 Pin RS232 serial
PRINTER: Internal panel mount printer
MEMORY STORAGE: Internally stores up to 2000 complete test results

Current Range Measuring Range Accuracy Resolution
10 Amp *F/R 0.1uOhm...40mOhm +/-0.1uOhm..+/-0.1% Rdg 5 Digits or 0.01uOhm
10 Amp 1uOhm...40mOhm +/-1uOhm..+/-0.1% Rdg 5 Digits or 0.1uOhm
1 Amp *F/R 1uOhm...1 Ohm +/-1uOhm..+/-0.1% Rdg 5 Digits
1 Amp 10uOhm...1 Ohm +/-1uOhm..+/-0.1% Rdg 5 Digits
0.1 Amp 100uOhm...10 Ohm +/-0.1uOhm..+/-0.1% Rdg 5 Digits
10 mAmp 1 mOhm...400 Ohm +/-1uOhm..+/-0.1% Rdg 5 Digits
1 mAmp 10 mOhm..40 kOhm +/-10mOhm..+/-0.1% Rdg 5 Digits
1 mAmp 40 kOhm..400 kOhm +/-10mOhm..+/-1% Rdg 5 Digits

* F/R = automatic Forward / Reverse current measurements

RESISTANCE RANGE: 0.1uOhm to 400kOhm
TEMPERATURE: Operating - 10 C to 60 C Storage - 20 C to 70 C

Large LCD display with backlight
Auto measure storage
Built in panel-mount printer
Optional external supply for Winding Resistance (WR 50-1A)
Highest precision measurement available
Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
Wide measuring range
Measurements with forward & reverse current
Automatic measurement detection mode
Automatic measurement storage
Self calibrating
Continues measurement mode
Waterproof case
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
16.1 " 13.3 " 7 " 25 lb  
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