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Rohde & Schwarz FSL616
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Rohde & Schwarz FSL616

9kHz-6GHz Spectrum Analyzer w/Tracking Generator

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RS-FSL616/B8/K7/K93/Gated sweep function/Analog demodulation AM/WiMax personality
Catalog Description

Rohde & Schwarz FSL616

9kHz-6GHz Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator

DANL of -117 dBm 300 Hz RBW typical;
DANL of -152 dBm (RBW 1Hz) with options B7 and B22;
RBW 300Hz to 10MHz, 1 and 3 steps; Video BW 10 Hz to 10 MHz;
Phase noise typ. -103 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 kHz from carrier, 1 GHz;
TOI 10 dBm;Input RF connector precision type N female, 50ohm;
Interfaces: USB, LAN, GPIB with option B10;
Memory: Internal flash disk; Optional USB memory stick;
Tracking Generator from 1MHz to 6GHz, Output -20dBm to 0dBm

For rack mount use part number: RS-ZZA-S334

Option description and requirements:

Option B5 provides additional interfaces listed below:
User port: 9-pin D-Sub male:
Noise source control: BNC (f);
IF/video out: BNC female, 50ohm
Power sensor: Supports NRP-Zxx

Option B31 requires B30
Option K9 requires B5

May require additional detectors for Pos/neg peak/auto peak, RMS,
quasi-peak, average, sample

Recommended power sensors (requires option B5 and K9)

Part number frequency range, power

 RS-NRP-Z11 10MHz to 8GHz, 200mW
 RS-NRP-Z21 10MHz to 18GHz, 200mW
RS-NRP-Z22 10MHz to 18GHz, 2W
 RS-NRP-Z23 10MHz to 18GHz, 15W
RS-NRP-Z24 10MHz to 18GHz, 30W
RS-NRP-Z91 9kHz to 6GHz, 200mW
RS-NRP-Z51 0Hz to 18GHz, 100mW
 RS-NRP-Z55 0Hz to 40GHz, 100mW
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt 
18.32 " 16.09 " 6.22 " 40 lb  
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