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Rohde & Schwarz SMJ100A-3
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Rohde & Schwarz SMJ100A-3

100kHz-3GHz Vector signal generator

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RS-SMJ100A-3/B10/B13/K44/K55/64Msample baseband gen/Baseband main module/GPS Digital standard/LTE/EUTRA digital standar
Catalog Description

Rohde & Schwarz SMJ100A-3

100kHz-3GHz Vector signal generator
MLP includes option B103
Discontinued, replaced by SMBV100A

Intuitive operation:
Color display with 800x600 pixels (SVGA format)
Intuitive user interface with graphical display of
signal flow (block diagram)
Graphical display of baseband signals through built-in transient recorder
Context-sensitive help system

Outstanding signal quality:
I/Q modulator with 200MHz RF bandwidth
Very low SSB phase noise of typ. -133 dBc (f = 1 GHz, 20 kHz
carrier offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
Wideband noise of typ. -153 dBc (CW, f = 1 GHz, >10 MHz carrier
offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth)
Excellent ACLR performance of typ. +69 dB with 3GPP FDD (test
model 1, 64 DPCH)
Very high level repeatability of typ. 0.05 dB
High-stability reference oscillator as standard

Unrivaled flexibility
Four code channels in realtime for 3GPP FDD, support of HSDPA and HSUPA
Supports WiMAX IEEE 802.16d, 802.16e, WiBro and WLAN 802.11 a/b/g
Change of modulation from slot to slot for GSM/EDGE
Baseband generator with universal coder for realtime signal generation
Arbitrary waveform generator with 16 Msample/64 Msample/128 Msample
for I and Q and multisegment support
Arbitrary waveform generator supported by Simulation Software R&S WinIQSIM
Internal 30 Gbyte hard disk as standard for storing waveforms and modulation

SMJ100A Options:
B10 R/T Baseband generator with dig. mod. and ARB (64 MSamples)
B103 Frequency range 100 kHz - 3 GHz
B11 R/T Baseband generator with Dig. mod. and ARB (16 MSamples)
B13 Baseband main module
B16 Differential I/Q outputs
B18 Digital Baseband Output according to R&S standard TVR290
B20 FM/PHIM modulator
B50 Baseband generator; ARB only, 64 Msamples
B51 Baseband generator; ARB only, 16 Msamples
B81 Rear connectors
B9 R/T Baseband generator with dig. mod. and ARB (128 M Samples)
K40 Dig. Std. GSM/EDGE
K41 Digital standard EDGE evolution
K42 Dig. Std. 3GPP FDD
K43 3GPP FDD enhanced MS/BS tests incl. HSDPA
K44 Digital standard GPS
K46 Digital standard CDMA2000, incl. 1xEV-DV
K47 Digital standard 1XEV-DO REV.A
K48 Dig. Std. IEEE 802.11 (a/b/g)
K49 Dig. Std. IEEE 802.16-2004
K5 Digital Standard Bluetooth, external PC software
K50 Digital standard TD-SCDMA
K51 TD-SCDMA enhanced MS/BS tests
K52 Digital standard DVB-H / DVB-T
K53 Digital Standard DAB/T-DMB
K54 Digital standard IEEE 802.11N
K55 Digital standard LTE/EUTRA
K56 Digital standard XM Radio
K57 FM stereo modulation
K58 Sirius Digital Radio. Generation of 1 carrier in real time
K59 Digital standard HSPA+
K6 Pulse Sequencer; external PC-Software
K60 Digital standard Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate
K61 Multicarrier CW signal generation
K62 Additional white gaussian noise
K8 TETRA Software
K80 BER/BLER error rate tester

Option dependencies:
Options B13 is required on options:
B9, B10, B11, B16, B18, B50, B51

The K series options require either B9, B10 or B11
K41 requires K40 and either B9, B10, or B11
K43 requires K42 and either B9, B10, or B11
K45 requires K42 and either B9, B10, or B11
K51 requires K50 and either B9, B10, or B11
K59 requires K43, K45 and either B9, B10, or B11
K62 requires B13 and either B9, B10, or B11
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