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Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A-40

100kHz-40GHz Vector signal generator

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Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A-40

100kHz to 40GHz Vector Signal Generator
Base price includes option B140
Combines up to two independent signal generators in one cabinet.

Up to 2GHz internal modulation bandwidth (in RF) with internal baseband
Options for all important digital communications standards
Optional integrated fading simulator with up to 160 MHz bandwidth
Support of all key MIMO modes including 3x3, 4x4, 8x4, 4x8 and 4x2x2

* SSB phase noise of typ. -135dBc @1 GHz, 20kHz carrier offset,
* 1Hz measurement bandwidth);
* ACLR of typically +70dB for 3GPP FDD;
* High output power up to +18 dBm (PEP);
* Baseband generator with universal coder for realtime signal generation;
* Arbitrary waveform generator with up to 64 Msample
(512Msample with K511, 1Gsample with K512);
* Frequency setting times <3 ms.

Modulations Supported:
AM, Pulse, ASK
FSK Including: MSK, 2FSK, 4FSK, 8FSK, 16FSK;
pi/4-DBPSK, pi/8-D8PSK, pi/4-QPSK, 8PSK, 8PSK Edge;
QAM Including: 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM, 1024QAM

Connectivity: GPIB and LAN; USB connectors.

For rack mount use Rack Adapter RS-ZZA-KN4

Option Dependencies:
B9 requires B13XT
B10 requires B13/B13T/B13XT
B14 requires B13/B13T/B13XT and B10
B206 requires B13T/B13XT
K16 requires B13/B13T/B13XT
K23 requires B13/B13T/B13XT
K24 requires B13/B13T/B13XT
K40 requires B10
K41 requires K40
K42 requires B10
K46 requires B10
K47 requires B10
K49 requires B10
K50 requires B10
K51 requires K50
K511 requires B10
K512 requires B10 and K511
K515 requires B9
K526 requires B9

ER Defined Bundles:

Option WB (wideband) is a bundle of:
B9 Wideband baseband generator, 500 MHz RF bandwidth, 256 MSaemples
B13XT Wideband baseband main module, two I/Q paths to RF section
K515 ARB memory extension to 2 Gsamples
K526 Baseband extension to 2 GHz RF bandwidth
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18.1 " 17.1 " 7.6 " 73 lb  
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