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Vanguard Instruments ATRT-03B-S2
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Vanguard Instruments ATRT-03B-S2

Three Phase Turns Ratio Tester TTR

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Vanguard Instruments ATRT-03B-S2

INPUT POWER 3 amps, 100-120 Vac or 200-240 Vac (selectable), 50/60 Hz

 VAN-ATRT-03B-S2 Three Phase Turns Ratio Tester TTR

Capable of testing single or three phase units.

The ATRT-03B S2 determines the transformer turns-ratio using the IEEE
C57.12.90 measurement method. The ATRT-03B S2 outputs an excitation test
voltage to the transformer's primary windings. The induced secondary voltage
is sensed and the transformer turns-ratio is calculated. The ATRT-03B S2 can
measure turns-ratios from 0.8 to 15,000. The transformer turns-ratio,
excitation current, and phase-angle readings are displayed on the large
back-lit LCD. The built-in transformer type detection feature allows the
ATRT-03B S2 to detect and test 130 transformer types defined by ANSI, CEI/IEC
and Australian standards.
The ATRT-03B S2 can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be
computer-controlled. It can be operated locally using its alpha-numeric keypad
and rotary switch. Information is displayed
on a back-lit LCD screen (64 x 128 dot graphic) that is viewable in both
bright sunlight and low-light levels.

To prevent an accidental wrong test-lead hook-up (e.g., when the operator
reverses H and X leads), the ATRT-03B S2 outputs a low-level test voltage to
verify the hook-up condition before applying the full test voltage to the
transformer. Three test voltages (8 Vac, 40 Vac, 100 Vac) allow the ATRT-03B
S2 to test CT's and PT's, as well as power transformers.

0.8 - 1,999: +/-0.1%, 2,000 - 3,999: +/-0.25%. 4,000 - 15,000: +/-1% @ 8 Vac
0.8 - 1,999: +/-0.1%, 2,000 - 3,999: +/-0.20%. 4,000 - 15,000: +/-1% @ 40 Vac
0.8 - 1,999: +/-0.1%, 2,000 - 3,999: +/-0.15%. 4,000 - 15,000: +/-1% @ 100 Vac

*TEST VOLTAGES: 8 Vac @ 1Amp, 40 Vac @ 0.2 Amp, 100 Vac @ 0.1 Amp
*EXCITATION CURRENT READING RANGE: 0 - 2 Amperes; Accuracy: 0.1 mA, +/-2% of
reading (1 mA)
*PHASE-ANGLE MEASUREMENT: 0 - 360 Degrees Accuracy: +/-0.2 degree (+/-1
*COMPUTER INTERFACES: One RS-232C port, One USB port
*EXTERNAL DATA STORAGE: One USB Flash drive interface port; Up to 999
transformer test records can be stored on a USB Flash drive (not included)
*PC SOFTWARE: Windows XP/Vista-based Transformer Turns-Ratio Analyzer
application is included with purchase price
*INTERNAL TETS RECORD STORAGE: Can store 112 transformer test records
internally. Each record holds the test record header and up to 33 readings.
*INTERNAL TEST PLAN STORAGE: Can store 128 transformer test plans internally.
Test plans can be transferred to the unit from the PC via the RS-232C/USB port
or via the USB Flash drive interface

*No internal printer is available.

INPUT POWER 3 amps, 100 120 Vac or 200 240 Vac (selectable), 50/60 Hz

Features added to the "S2" that the  VAN-ATRT-03B does not have:
* Auto-Detect - 130 specific vector groups for different types of transformers
* Transformer Load Tap Changer Control - Built in push button Load Tap Changer
* USB Flash Drive Port - Plug in a flash drive for saving test reports, etc.
* USB - Connection for USB cable. (RS-232 is still there also) Newer computers
are not being provided with RS-232 as standard.
* Larger Graphic Display - 64 x 120 dot
* Internal Auto Lead Change - Internal Lead shorting for testing of special
transformers where you normally had to climb back on top of transformer to
short out lead or change connections

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