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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) SMARTCLASSENT
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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) SMARTCLASSENT

Handheld Ethernet Test Tool RFC2544, Smartclass

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Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) SMARTCLASSENT

Handheld Ethernet Test Tool RFC2544, Smartclass

 JDSU-SMARTCLASSENT/ETHTRP3 hand held test tool enables field technicians to
turn up Ethernet and IP services by running an RFC-2544 test or by following a
set of methods and procedures. It is configurable as either a far-end loopback
device only or a full RFC-2544 compliant traffic generator. The SmartClass
Ethernet is designed for front-line technicians who may not have experience
dealing with emerging Metro Ethernet technologies yet need a solution for
Ethernet and IP testing.


Electrical Ethernet/IP:
10/100/1000 Mbps - Single RJ-45

Optical Ethernet/IP:
1000 Mbps SFP Interface

Modes of Operation:
Traffic, RFC 2544, Loopback, Ping,Traceroute, Cable Test, and Optical Power

*The ETHTRP3 package includes the items listed below:
CSC-ETH SmartClass Ethernet Base Unit
CSC-OPT SmartClass Optical Option
CSC-TRF SmartClass Traffic Option
CB-019966 Optical Cable: 3m multimode LC to LC, duplex
CB-019968 Optical Cable: 3m singlemode LC to LC, duplex
CCB-019052 Singlemode Fiber Optic Cable Simplex SC-LC - Qty. 2
CCB-019054 Multimode Fiber Optic Cable Simplex SC-LC - Qty. 2

SFP: 1000SX Multimode 850nm
SFP: 1000LX Singlemode 1310nm

A soft carrying case, USB cord for downloading results, 10' Ethernet cable,
batteries, and user's guide

Standard traffic functionality contains support for:
Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic generation
Layer 3 Ping and Trace route connectivity verification
RFC2544 throughput verification and circuit qualification
Installation of point-to-point multipoint services
Optical power measurements to check laser fields
Cable diagnostics to find electrical cable faults
Loop back and filter incoming traffic at IP or Ethernet Layer
Link Statistics/results to measure frames and link status.

*The HOMEFULL package includes the items listed below:
SC-HOME-0026 - AC to 12 V dc wall Charger
SC-HOME-0017 - VDSL Balun Cable
SC-HOME-0020 - Kit of remote ID's for Coax, RJ-45 and 11
SC-HOME-0018 - Push on Antenna
SC-HOME-0021 - Wire map ID remote for RJ 45 & 11
SC-HOME-BAG - Large carry bag for SC-Home
SC-HOME-GLV - SmartClass Home Fitted Bag
SC-HOME-0014 - Strand Hook
SC-HOME-0011 - RJ 11 to Coax ID Cable
SC-HOME-0004 - 3 Lead Bed of Nails Cable

*The HOMEP1 package includes the items listed below:
SmartClass Home services test meter. Capable of testing VDSL and HPNA
services as well as physical layer testing of coax and twisted pair cables.
WiFi 802.11b/g testing as well.

Key Features include:
VDSL synch testing utilizing the Conexant Accelity chipset
HPNAv3 testing using the Coppergate CG3110
Physical layer testing for Coax, Cat-3/Cat-5/Cat-6 cables
Coax Mapping with splitter identification and location
Noise Immunity Test to measure coax shield isolation
POTS buttset with diagnostics and loudspeaker
Ethernet testing including port identification and ping
802.11b/g wireless testing
320x240 high brightness color graphical LCD

Also included with this kit:
SmartClass Home Services Tester
Lithium Battery
Carrying Bag
Accessory Bag
12V Power Supply with Power Cord
Strand Hook
RJ-11 to bed of nails test lead
RJ-11, CAT 5 (RJ-45) remote IDs, and Coax IDs/terminators
RJ-11 Patch cable
RJ-11 to coax short jumper
RJ-45 short patch cable
RF/Coax Barrel connectors
Balun Cable
Smart Remote
Antenna Assembly
Documentation CD

*The P2 bundles the items listed below:
/CSCASY1 Asymmetric RFC Option
/MPL MPLS Software
/MSTR Ethernet multi stream

Option Z1 includes:
ETH CSC-ETH Ethernet base
ETHTRP3 Ethernet Test Package

Option Z2 includes:
ETH CSC-ETH Ethernet base
ETHTRP3 Ethernet Test Package

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