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EMC Test Equipment

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Haefely Test SystemsDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • 5kV Compact Immunity Test Set
  • 7kV Compact Immunity Test Set
  • Surge & Transient Immunity Test StationUsed
  • HAE-IPA4
  • Capacitive Coupling Clamp 801-4
  • HAE-ONYX16
  • 16kV Electrostatic Discharge ESD Gun
  • HAE-ONYX30
  • 30kV Electrostatic Discharge ESD Gun
  • HAE-PCD100
  • Single Phase CDN Capacitive Decoupling NetworkUsed
  • HAE-PEFT4010
  • Fast Transient Tester, 61000-4-4Used
  • HAE-PSURGE4010
  • Surge Tester 61000-4-5Used
    HV Technologies, IncDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • HVT-VERI50
  • High Voltage Divider for use with WITH HVT-MIG2000-6-P1Used
    KeyTek Instruments CorporationDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KEY-MZ-15EC
  • 8kV MiniZap ESD Gun
    Schaffner EMC, IncorporatedDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • SFN-MD103
  • ESD Pulse Calibration Set
  • SFN-NSG435
  • 9kV/16kV 150pf/330 ohm ESD Gun
  • SFN-NSG438
  • 200V to 30kV ESD Simulator GunUsed

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