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HV Diagnostics

HV Diagnostics Inc.DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • HVD-HVA28-TD
  • 28kV AC VLF 28kV DC HiPot Tester w/ Tan Delta
  • HVD-HVA34
  • 34kV AC VLF 34kV DC HiPot Tester
  • HVD-HVA60
  • 62kV AC VLF 60kV DC HiPot Tester
  • HVD-HVA90
  • 64kV RMS / 90kV Pk AC VLF & 90kV DC High Voltage Tester
  • Adapter Connector to Interface HVA30/34 with a TD60
  • HVD-TD30
  • Tan Delta Diagnostic Measurement SystemUsed
  • HVD-TD60
  • Tan Delta Diagnostic Measurement System

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