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Inspection Equipment - Cameras and Borescopes

Thermal Camera Rentals

Technicians who routinely inspect machinery know it isn’t always easy to get a good look at every part. Pieces out of view can break down, causing frustration and serious safety issues. Instead of resorting to taking pieces of crucial equipment apart to fully inspect them, experienced technicians can use a borescope or thermal camera.

Using advanced technology like fiber optics, these devices produce high resolution images that can assist with diagnosing a variety of mechanical issues. When you’re looking for thermal cameras and borescopes to rent, lease, or buy, find what you need at Electro Rent. No matter what kind of mechanical equipment you regularly work with, we can help you find a solution to your testing needs.

Device Options to Cover Your Inspection Needs

Whether you are looking for a rental borescope or a thermal camera to lease, Electro Rent can help. Our options included durable devices from top manufacturers like FLIR Systems and Fluke Manufacturing. Available devices cover different sizes and observation depths, so you can always find a device that best fits your needs.

If you’re interested in rental thermal cameras, borescopes, or other test equipment, contact Electro Rent today at 800-553-2255.

FLIR Systems IncDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • FLIR-E8
  • Ex-Series Infrared Camera
  • FLIR-E85
  • E-Series Advance ThermaCAM InfraRed Camera
  • FLIR-EX300
  • ThermaCAM InfraRed CameraUsed
  • FLIR-EX320
  • ThermaCAM InfraRed CameraUsed
  • FLIR-I60
  • ThermaCAM InfraRed CameraUsed
  • FLIR-T198060
  • Close-up Lens with Case For FLIR T6xx Series, 5.8x
  • FLIR-T200
  • ThermaCAM InfraRed Camera
  • FLIR-T400
  • ThermaCAM InfraRed CameraUsed
  • FLIR-T420
  • ThermaCAM InfraRed Camera
  • FLIR-T640
  • Hi Resolution Wifi Enabled Thermal Imaging infrared Camera
    Fluke Mfg Co, Inc.DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • FLU-TI32
  • Industrial Infrared Thermal Imager
  • FLU-TI55FT-20
  • IR FlexCam Thermal Imager
  • FLU-TIR32
  • Building Diagnostic Infrared Thermal Imager, CameraUsed
  • Building Diagnostic Infrared Thermal Imager, CameraUsed
    Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent)DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • KT-U5855A
  • TrueIR Thermal Imager, 350 degree Celsius
    Olympus Industrial America Inc.DescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • OLYM-ILP-1
  • High Intensity Light Source Kit for OLYM-ISpeed CameraUsed
  • OLYM-ILP-2
  • High Intensity Light Source Kit for OLYM-ISpeed CameraUsed
  • 33,000fps High Speed Video Camera
  • 150,000fps High Speed Video Camera
  • 1,000fps High Speed Video Camera
  • OLYM-IV7000
  • IPlex SX II Borescope Control Unit
  • OLYM-IV8000
  • IPlex FX Video Borescope Control Unit
  • OLYM-IV8000-2
  • IPlex FX Video Borescope Control Unit
  • OLYM-IV86-AT60S_60S
  • IPlex FX Stereo Side View Tip for OLYM-IV8000 seriesUsed
  • OLYM-IV8635
  • IPlex FX 6mm 3.5Meter NTSC Video Borescope ProbeUsed
    Raytek CorporationDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • Infrared Thermometer Noncontact PortableUsed
    RF System LabDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • RFS-VJ-ADV-3.9-3
  • Video Borescope Kit, 3.9mm 3 Meter Length
  • RFS-VJ-ADV-6.9-5
  • Video Borescope Kit, 6.9mm 5 Meter Length
    Testo IncDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • TSTO-875-2I
  • Thermal Imager with Digital Camera, Infrared

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