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SorensenDescriptionAlso Available For Sale
  • SOR-DHP10-1000
  • 10V 1000A DC Programmable Power Supply
  • 10V, 1200A, 12kW DC Programmable Power Supply, IEEE-488.2 + RS232C
  • SOR-SGA160-63C-1EAAA
  • 160V 63A 10kW DC Power Supply
  • SOR-SGA160X94E-1DAA
  • 160V 94A 15kW DC Power Supply
  • SOR-SGA400-25C-1A
  • 400V 25A 10kW DC Power SupplyUsed
  • SOR-SGA600-50D-1AAA
  • 600V 50A 30kW DC Analog Programmable Power SupplyUsed
  • SOR-SGA60X167C-1AAB
  • 60V 167A 10kW DC Power Supply
  • SOR-SGA60X250C-1DAB
  • 60V 250A 15kW DC Power Supply
  • SOR-SGI100X100C-1AAA
  • 100V 100A 10kW DC Source 3 Phase Input
  • SOR-SGI200-100C-0AAB
  • 200V 100A 20kW DC Power Supply
  • SOR-SGI600-25C-1AAA
  • 600V 25A 15kW DC Power Supply
  • SOR-XG60-28
  • 60V 28A 1700W Programmable DC Power SupplyUsed

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