Circuit Breaker | Secondary Current Injection Test Equipment

Easily Maintain All Circuit Protection Devices

To keep electrical systems running at peak performance, you need functioning circuit protection. Use current injection test equipment for regular testing that doesn’t force circuit breakers to operate at full voltages and currents.

Using test equipment for secondary injection testing, technicians can analyze electrical protection systems when circuit breakers are closed, but not carrying current through its main poles. This type of testing involves the connection of the circuit breaker to a test set that can inject and measure required currents needed to operate for a safer method that ensures all protection devices are operating at the peak.

Electro Rent provides a full range of secondary current injection test equipment from manufacturers including ABB, Eaton/Cutler Hammer, General Electric, Siemens, Square D/Schneider, and others.

Asea Brown Boveri Secondary Injection Test Set

ABB Type-505 »

  • Tests the trip functions of the ABB Power Shield.

Cutler Hammer Secondary Injection Test Set

Cutler Hammer 140D481G03 »

  • Tests the Amptector and Digitrip trip functions.
  • Includes adapter for the DS and DSII circuit breakers.

Cutler Hammer MDS Test Kit Adapter

Cutler Hammer 8779C02G04 »

  • Adapter for the Magnum DS.
  • Used with the 140D481G03 test set.

General Electric Secondary Injection Test Kit

General Electric GTUTK20 »

  • This secondary injection set tests the Entelliguard trip functions.

General Electric Digital Test Kit

General Electric TVRMS2 »

  • Tests the MicroVersaTrip, MicroVersaTrip Plus, Enhanced MicroVersaTrip and RMS-9/EPIC.

Siemens Secondary Injection Test Set

Siemens PTS-4 »

  • Secondary injection test set for Static Trip, Static Trip II and Static Trip III.

Square D Secondary Injection Full Function Test Set

Square D S33595 »

  • Full function test set for Micrologic and ET trips.

Square D Secondary Injection Universal Test Set

Square D UTS3 »

  • Tests the Micrologic trips.

With the CBTM4A, this secondary injection test set will check Series 3 and 4

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At Electro Rent, you’ll find a full range of current injection test devices that are ideal for secondary current testing. Electro Rent has flexible options so you can rent, lease, or purchase current injection test equipment to best suit your company’s short and long-term needs. Reach out to us for more information today.