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Conserve Your Capital

Leasing and Finance Solutions to Help You Get What You Need at an Affordable Cost

Our flexible leasing programs help companies conserve valuable capital. Get the latest testing technologies with an affordable monthly cost structure. Our extensive inventory, fast shipping and global coverage mean more choices and better selection.

Leasing provides a quick and easy way for clients to avoid many of the expenses associated with outright equipment ownership. With attractive rates and a predictable monthly cost structure, an operating lease is an ideal alternative that provides flexibility at the end of the term.

For companies that want to spread the costs over time and own the equipment at the end of the term, a finance lease is a great alternative. All costs can be rolled into one predictable monthly payment.

Choose From Flexible Financing Options

Electro Rent supports customers with unique Financial Solutions to make acquiring test equipment cost effective.

In today's climate, it’s essential for companies to continue acquiring the test equipment needed for growth, even with ever-tightening budgets. Our innovative range of Test Equipment Financial Solutions helps meet this challenge across a range of brands and products.

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease Provides a Long-Term Rental Agreement with Potential Tax Benefits and the Lowest monthly cost.

  • Utilize the Latest Technology.
  • Avoids Many Up-Front and Ongoing Costs.
  • Provides Flexibility at Term-End.
  • Maintenance and Calibration for an Additional Fee.
FInance Lease

A Finance Lease Offers a Long-Term Payment Plan Where You Own the Equipment at the End of the Term.

  • Affordable Way to Acquire Valuable Test Equipment
  • Spreads Expenses Over the Term
  • At Term-End, You Own the Equipment
  • Maintenance and Calibration for an Additional Fee

Rent to Own Offers the Ability to Rent Test Equipment with the Option to Purchase Outright

  • Available for New & Pre-Owned Equipment
  • Allows Flexibility if Circumstances Change
  • Spreads Payments Over Time
  • Comes with Fresh Calibration

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Reducing the Cost of Test Equipment

For more than 50 years, Electro Rent has been advising clients about the best approach to sourcing and financing test equipment. With a variety of rent, lease and buy options, customers can select the best option for their particular circumstances and budget situation. We offer solutions to reduce cost across the entire test equipment lifecycle—from acquisition, operation and management to optimization and end-of-life disposal.

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