Effective Test Asset Management is Key to Reducing Costs

With Electro Rent asset optimization solutions, Information Becomes Knowledge™. See how we are improving customer test environments with asset intelligence that improves ROI, utilization, and more.

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Running a smart business today means being able to leverage data that is current, accurate, and complete. Companies that fail to properly manage data on test equipment run the risk of project delays, low utilization, and continually rising costs. With Electro Rent's suite of software and services, including LEO asset optimization software powered by Oracle, we provide critical customer insight into key asset optimization issues.                                                                                                     

Optimize Test Assets to Improve Efficiency

Electro Rent's Asset Optimization Solutions Deliver Insights and Real-time Data for Greater Test ROI.

Five Sources of Value

Reduce CapEx and OpEx Spending

Improve Asset Availability and Sharing

Minimize Delays and Downtime

Use Available Assets Vs. Buying New

Identify Unused Assets for Disposal

80% of Test Assets Are Underutilized.

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How It Works

Dashboards for Intelligence

With a complete view of asset details — including location, assigned users, projects scheduled, calibration and repair status and history — users can quickly absorb key asset usage information. Lab managers can efficiently plan test schedules and allocate assets to specific engineers and projects. For field-service organizations, we combine our mobile app with Bluetooth® low-energy asset tags and warehouse readers to provide a comprehensive solution to manage assets, no matter where they are. 

Streamlining Management

Near real-time dashboards enable you to find test assets quickly, accelerate project timelines, and avoid unnecessary purchases. With parameter search, you can sort by product category and model to find available equipment for a specific project. Underpinned by LEO asset optimization software, the system tracks the availability and location of lab and field technicians, job time, and costs. The ability to integrate with existing ERP systems further streamlines management processes. A cloud-hosted option helps avoid hardware and maintenance costs while maximizing 24/7 mobile access. 

A Portfolio of Solutions

Electro Rent's optimization suite covers all the bases to provide a comprehensive view and ongoing management of customer assets and details. From basic functionality to improve efficiency and productivity to managing test equipment in the field, to asset audits and global database management with Bluetooth® tracking, Electro Rent is ready with the right-size solution to fit every customer's need. 

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Improve ROI on Test Equipment
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Asset Tracking
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Fixed Asset Appraisal
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LEO Software Datasheet
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