5G Deployment

Tools to Design, Test and Deploy the Latest Telecom Technology

Electro Rent offers a wide range of 5G Deployment Test Equipment. From solutions for wireless and wireline testing, with specific application focus to help support fiber optic installation, drive test, cell site support, 5G networks and more. See the latest 5G test equipment in our inventory and learn more about key testing challenges.  

Our experts can help find tailored solutions to access the latest test technology and make the best use of your budget. 

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Fiber Optics
Network Transmission Test
Drive Test
Cell Site Support
LAN Ethernet

Test Guide to 5G Network Deployment

As 5G moves from the lab to the field, field engineers, technicians and installers are grappling with the many challenges of ensuring a successful deployment. Validating 5G in the lab is one thing, but scaling it to the field requires robust, efficient, and scalable 5G test and verification solutions. 

Topics covered in this guide:

  • WDM and PON test during fiber build/laying/construction
  • Synchronization, GPS, Ethernet, PTP & Ethernet test in the fronthaul transport network
  • RF characterization and conformance and 5G beam an...


Electro Rent Telecom Catalog, image
Electro Rent Telecom Catalog
Test guide to 5G network deployment by Viavi, image
Test guide to 5G network deployment by Viavi
5G Networks Require Quality of Service, image
5G Networks Require Quality of Service
Fiber in 5G Networks Viavi, image
Fiber in 5G Networks Viavi
Optical Fiber in 5G Anritsu, image
Optical Fiber in 5G Anritsu
5G RAN: Ensuring KPIs from Metro Edge To End User, image
5G RAN: Ensuring KPIs from Metro Edge To End User
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